About us

About Marg & Bein

Marg & Bein is a rustic restaurant in the center of Bergen on Norway's west coast. Here, our focus is on serving sustainable food from the Norwegian fjord and soil to table. Short-distance ingredients in season, and meat from animals that have had a good life right up to slaughter is what you will find on the menu. Nose-to-tail dining is something that is close to our hearts and we proudly serve liver, heart, tails, jaws, tongues and marrow bones.

The service is professional but still personal and informal and the atmosphere is of a kind you rarely find in restaurants.

Welcome to us.

General manager, co-owner and chef Sverre Angus Hugøy from Stord in Western Norway.

For many years he has worked around Norway, including Emma's Dream Kitchen in Tromsø, Hotel Union Øye in Øye and Restaurant Nero in Stavanger. Angus was a co-owner and worked hard for Smakverket in Bergen for 11 years, and has also worked at various restaurants in Manchester and Sydney. Before he opened Marg & Bein together with 2 others 5 years ago, he competed a bit and won 1st place in the North Norwegian championship in 2006 and a second place in the Green Chef of the Year in 2009. Angus' passion for cooking is Norwegian sustainable ingredients, animal welfare and traditional cooking techniques. He is knowledgeable, strict, proud and loving, and you will find him with the rest of the team on the floor in the kitchen, in the dining room and in the office.

Chef and co-owner David McCarthy.

Dave is from Manchester, England, and has 27 years of experience in his craft. He has worked in England, France and other restaurants in Norway before he helped open Marg & Bein 5 years ago. Dave's passion is honest, rustic food, traditional cooking techniques and adaptation to modern times. If he is not in the kitchen at Marg & Bein, you will find him in the mountains, on camping, on a trip, snowboarding, out fishing or just out and enjoying the surroundings of nature. Dave's own words: For me, life as a chef is about constantly learning and the endless development of your craft. The opportunity for creativity and freedom to use the rich products that nature has to offer each season, is what keeps me inspired.

Restaurant manager and co-owner Jessica Hugøy.

Jessica is originally a trained chef, but has worked on the "other side" for the past 14 years. She is also a trained sommelier and co-owner of Marg & Bein since 2016. For Jessica, it's about the small details in the dining room and the serving, and there are many conscious choices behind most of what is happening there. The pride of serving something a caring, hardworking farmer has produced and the kitchen has cooked with love.